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updated July 16th 2017

REHEARSALS are at Holmfirth Methodist Church, 7.30 as usual.  New members welcome!

THURSDAY JULY 6th was the final rehearsal before the Summer break.

The next rehearsal after this will be Thursday August 17th - if you have a copy of Mendelssohn's "Elijah", please bring it along.

I have been informed of some other local events that might be of interest, including the Yorkshire Music Day (Events on and around 30 July) celebrated in Huddersfield.

THE CONCERT ON June 24th - Summer Concert with Hepworth Band, Civic Hall  WAS CANCELLED (or possibly postponed until September/October, t.b.a.)
Sunday 12th November 2017 - Mendelssohn Elijah.
9th December 2017 - Handel Messiah
17th March 2018 - Orff Carmina Burana, Ramirez Misa Criolla

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Several of you took part in the RSCM Festival in Leeds Cathedral on 23rd May 2015.  If you are not on the local RSCM mailing list, and you would like to receive information about upcoming events of interest to choir members, you can sign up the the mailing list at http://hudds.org.uk/rscm .   I've also some spare music copies from that event for sale at £3.50 each.

Rehearsal Aids:
I've  been told about a music teacher who records rehearsal CDs and has built up quite a reputation, I believe.  You can order your own part from him.  Some recordings seem to be piano only, others include a vocal line.   He is called Quintus Benziger, on 01799 586269, and his business is the Saffron Choral Prompt.
See also:  http://www.saffronchoralprompt.co.uk/    and   http://www.quintusbenziger.co.uk/    for further details.

A good source of midi files which are useful for playing parts through if you have a computer is http://www.learnchoralmusic.co.uk/
Covered by this site:    Mendelssohn Elijah.    
The midi player program I have mentioned before, MidiPlay_v2p6.exe will allow you to play files from this site, and adjust the volume of your own part to suit your learning.


An email received from Phillip Tolley:

CSSM is a long-established Summer School providing first-class tuition and musicmaking for a wide variety of amateur musicians.  Many of our students return annually and we're always delighted to welcome new faces from the UK and beyond.

 We would be grateful if you forwarded this email and attachment to members of your choir who may be interested.  Full information about the courses available and application forms can be found on our website: www.cssm.org.uk

Hannah Green,    admin@cssm.org.uk

Tuning up for the 2017 Isle of Man Festival of Choirs 
 11th January 2017 
Anticipation is riding high ahead of this year’s Isle of Man Festival of Choirs with the
latest entrants including Flint Male Voice Choir and Haydock Male Voice Choir.
The Isle of Man Festival of Choirs takes place in the grand setting of the Royal Hall at
the Villa Marina, which has had a £14 million refurbishment in its seaside location on
Douglas promenade, overlooking the Irish Sea. The hall has played host to the
world’s top musicians and singing artists for over 100 years and is acknowledged for
its outstanding acoustics.
This is the fifth year the Festival has taken place and it has grown quite a reputation
for creating a wonderful atmosphere in the Royal Hall, particularly on the finals’ day
where the major honours were contested for. 
NEW to this year’s festival, is a stand-alone competition for an Ensemble Class. Each
Ensemble will be required to sing contrasting pieces of no more than 12 minutes
The unique Festival has three separate sections for ladies, male and mixed voice
choirs, with the first two in each section receiving prizes of £500 and £200
respectively. Each choir will be called on to perform four contrasting pieces of their
own choice, one of which must be unaccompanied. Winners of each class go through
to the final, with the overall winning choir scooping an additional prize of £1,500.
Festival Director and political member for the Department of Education, Geoff
Corkish MLC, who is also an accomplished choral singer himself, said, “When we first
staged the festival in 2010 we knew it would be well received, but our aspirations
have been surpassed.
“The festival has established a great reputation in a very short amount of time and
we are delighted that the choirs and their supporters enjoyed the unique atmosphere
so much.
“Our two informal events - the Welcome Night and the Farewell Evening
- make the Isle of Man Festival of Choirs unique. We’ve even heard stories of choirs
giving impromptu performances in local hostelries (!), making many new friends and
creating a wonderful atmosphere over the festival weekend.”
The Isle of Man Festival of Choirs takes place on the weekend of October 20th –
222nd 2017. The registration fee is £35.00 per choir and £20 per Ensemble. A
registration form can be found at www.festivalofchoirs.im .  For further details please
contact Laura@festivalofchoirs.im The closing date for entries is June 30th  2017.

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Thank you for your continued support

Phillip Tolley




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